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Despite a slow start to the year, I feel I can make up for lost time. Let's list the production goals!

New pages for Distortion:
I'm in the process of coloring these, and will be able to complete them =) I'm going to do 12 page blocks of the three main comics I have in rotation.

Secret Comics:
I'm refining/ generating new pages for everyone (After 90 days of their Patreon upload). The free pages are on my website, and I do it monthly (I probably should make announcement posts there). I'm starting to have a new think here- and maybe a little experiment. Perhaps every now and again, we can hold a little vote to continue more regular Secret Comics uploads, or get one of them refined into a full color comic for free. I'm looking to make "Lynn Vibe Giant" into a full color comic, and get a new page every week. It'll be a sort of a dual system, to see which one can work out better. I'll continue making the large comics and sell them in my store, but if crowd-funding on Patreon becomes viable, I may switch to that and make my comics free. However, this will have to be a long-term experiment. It's going to be a battle of the Lemonade Stand vs. Capitalistic Socialism.

Right now, the Lemonade Stand is a bit more sustainable, but it's also much more established. A smaller comic would be a good way to try out the other concept over a period of a few months, while being able to eat =P

Anyways, would you like me to try to get more Secret Comics going, or would you like to try getting more full colored comics at a slower pace?

I'll still upload Secret Comic Pages, but they'll be a little slower.

So my goal this month will be:

6 Distortion Pages

8-10 Secret Comic Pages (twice a week)
Or 4-5 Secret Comic Pages + 4-5 Colored pages (each once a week)

Well, these are a bit tricky for me. I'd like to, but they are also not very sustainable. I keep thinking that I'd be able to take some, but they do consume a lot more time than I ever plan. (I need to always do my best with them!) I usually prefer an interview-style preproduction before even putting ink to paper, and will make derivatives out of nowhere, like wallpapers. I also refuse to do anything less than full-color. It seems commission rates are too low around here, but I also don't want to charge unaffordable rates. Unfortunately they become unaffordable for me, and I end up getting about $6 per hour of work for an $80 commission. That can feel bad and discouraging. I'd prefer to use the time to make comic pages. I suppose I can try extremely limited slots per month, or if I get a proposal that really appeals to me =P

Right now, I really don't have a lot of margin for error, but maybe in the future, one of my sites can give me a crutch to offset the total costs of commissions to be mutually affordable. I suppose it would be good to experiment a bit. I'm still super-on-the-fence about them.
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Comic Page Progress-O-Meter

A Game of Distortion 73-78

The Prison of Kahok 19-24

The Prison of Kahok 19-24

La Cascada Seca-Remix! 31-36

Days of Random - The 13th Day 78-83

La Cascada Seca-Remix! 25-30

Days of Random - The 13th Day 72-77

La Cascada Seca-Remix! 19-24

La Cascada Seca-Remix! 19-24

A Game of Distortion 67-72

:star-empty: = Mystery
:star-half: = Inked
:star: = Colored
:heart: = Ready!

Website Link!

No! I can't put a link to my website on my frontpage!

Read the DA terms of Service:
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

Just note me or something =)


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Do you still do commisions?
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Your floorboobs series is awesome! Wonderful work.
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Awesome, I love your vag-expansion stuff, I've been on such a futa binge I forgot how awesome vaginas can be. Btw what's the apropriate search turn for "vagina bulge expansion". Because I don't want to end up seeing gaping ones. 
BadManz Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
Totally agree. Vag expansion is my favourite, and the bulge under jeans etc drives me crazy! I wish there was more content!
CurvyCurator Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015
Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it was great!
Scurge42 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Godliek :D birthday cake 
drpymote Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Happy Birthday, man! Hope it's been a good one. :D
BatboyEXE Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
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Heeey Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday, man. Here's hoping next year goes better than the previous. :)
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